Top 6 ex-pat-friendly places in Florida

If you are an ex-pat and you are thinking about where to start over, our suggestion is to choose Florida. There are many reasons why you should choose the Sunshine State. One of the major reasons is that there are the top 6 expat-friendly places in Florida. To be more specific, the following places are suitable for ex-pats, and settling in each of these places will not be a problem at all. No matter which of the following places you are going to choose, remember that you also have to handle moving stress and keep your relocation process organized.

A list of ex-pat-friendly places in Florida

In order to make the right decision about your new place of living, these are the places that you should consider:

  • Miami.
  • Orlando.
  • Delray Beach is one of the expat-friendly places in Florida.
  • Sarasota.
  • Palm Springs.
  • Tampa.

These are the most popular and best places for ex-pats in the Sunshine State. If you are moving with your family to Florida, you should see the common questions families have when moving from Australia to Florida. On the other hand, if you are moving alone, do good research and see what things you can expect when planning to relocate to Florida.


Probably one of the most popular cities in the USA and globally is Miami. Even if Miami is known for beautiful beaches and quality nightlife, this city is also on the list of ex-pat-friendly places in Florida. Also, Miami is on the list of the most popular Florida places among young Australians. In Miami, you can find great neighborhoods for living, great outdoor activities, job options, and many other benefits. Adapting to this place will not be a problem at all and you will absolutely love living in Miami. Just do research and see if Miami is suitable for your lifestyle or not.

Miami as one of the ex-pat-friendly places in Florida.
You can expect great options in Miami.


For ex-pats who are looking to live in a place where they can have amazing outdoor activities, Orlando is the right option! This city is known as one of the friendly places in Florida and you can expect that settling in this city will not be a problem at all. There are amazing restaurants, parks, cafes, bars, and many other activities. On the other hand, Orlando is on the list of the Florida cities favorite among Australian families. In Orlando, you can also find amazing opportunities in the real estate market. No matter if you are a young professional or you are moving with your family, Orlando is one of the suitable options for living. So, just prepare properly for the process and you will settle in Orlando in no time.

Delray Beach is also one of the ex-pat-friendly places in Florida

For ex-pats who are looking to live in a small and peaceful city, they should definitely consider Delray Beach. This charming city is on the list of the ex-pat-friendly places in Florida and it has everything for a suitable lifestyle. You can find great options in the real estate market, amazing neighborhoods, great outdoor activities, and many other things. So, living and working in Delray Beach can be a great option for ex-pats who are looking to adapt really fast.

Another great benefit of starting over in Delray Beach is that you can settle in this city in a simple way. In other words, you can find reliable moving assistance that can give you a hand. For example, if you are looking for professionals who can provide you with moving and storage services, just visit and contact this company. You can be sure that you will be provided with high-quality moving services and you will have a team of experts.

Delray Beach.
Delray Beach offers a peaceful lifestyle.


For families who are looking to settle in a suitable ex-pat-friendly place in Florida, you should definitely think about Sarasota. First of all, this city is known for having great public schools. There are also family-friendly neighborhoods and there are also amazing outdoor activities. In your free time, you can visit parks, restaurants, cafes, and many other places where you can spend quality time with your family. Be sure that you will enjoy Sarasota and you will experience a lot of new things. When we talk about moving to Sarasota, just follow the packing and moving tips for your easiest relocation ever and you will have a trouble-free process.

Palm Springs

Known as a place that has affordable prices in the real estate market, Palm Springs is also suitable for ex-pats. You can expect affordable options for your budget when looking for a place. The second thing is that you can adapt to Palm Springs with ease. Thanks to amazing outdoor activities, job options, etc. you will experience a lot of new things. Also, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and many other activities. If you are moving to Palm Springs, make sure that you are prepared properly. Check out the important factors to consider when you are planning to move to Florida and organize the process.


Finally, for job seekers, Tampa is the right option! One of the primary reasons why this is the ex-pat-friendly place in Florida is that you can find great job options. Just do good research and see which job options you can find in the area. On the other hand, there are amazing outdoor activities, beautiful places for living, people are friendly, etc. So, settling in Tampa is definitely an option to consider!

Tampa is known for great job options.

All these ex-pat-friendly places in Florida are suitable for living

To make a conclusion, no matter which of the expat-friendly places in Florida you choose, all of them are suitable for living. Just see which of these cities is the most suitable for your lifestyle. As soon as you decide, organize your relocation process properly and settle in your new place of living with ease!

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