Top neighborhoods in Memphis for Australian expats

Memphis is Tennessee’s biggest city. It is well recognized as the “Home of the Blues” and the birthplace of the city’s most famous son, Rock ‘n’ Roll superstar Elvis Presley. The River Kings hockey team, the Memphis Grizzlies NBA basketball team, and the Redbirds baseball team all call Memphis home. Cotton was historically the mainstay of Memphis’ economy. The city is still one of the world’s major cotton markets, but it quickly established a range of other economic activities. Memphis has evolved into a bustling aviation freight hub. The FedEx Corporation is its most well-known tenant. Now, let’s go over what our experts from Removalists Cairns consider to be the top neighborhoods in Memphis for Australian expats!

What are the top neighborhoods in Memphis?

While this city is amazing as a whole, some neighborhoods are better for Australian expats. Those neighborhoods are:

  • Binghampton
  • Cooper-Young
  • Crosstown
  • Downtown
  • Midtown
  • Bartlett
  • Germantown

Now, let’s go over them one by one!


Binghampton, just east of Midtown, is a freshly refurbished neighborhood that’s ideal for young families and Australian expats alike. While the cost of house ownership in this location is slightly higher, the properties are amazing. Throw in some fantastic food options, and a thriving music scene, and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool neighborhood! Keep in mind that if you decide to move to Binghampton, the move might get stressful. That is why it is important to know how to handle moving stress. That way you will be able to easily move to Binghampton!

Bridge in Memphis
Binghampton offers many opportunities for people of all ages.


Cooper-Young, with its young population, LGBTQ culture, and burgeoning art scene, is one of the greatest areas in East Memphis. That is why it is so high up in our list of the top neighborhoods in Memphis for Australian expats. You will be able to easily get a job and have an active lifestyle in this area! Moving to Cooper-Young is easy because there are many local experts that are ready to help you out! Knowing that experts from the area can assist you in your move makes the whole process much less stressful and more convenient.


Crosstown, which is centered on the mixed-use Crosstown Concourse skyscraper, is one of the greatest neighborhoods in Memphis. Despite the fact that homeownership is low in the region, this up-and-coming neighborhood has plenty of apartments for rent at reasonable costs. And, with easy access to two freeways, Crosstown is a great option for everyone that is employed in the city. If you’re looking for a vibrant area in Memphis with some of the greatest live music and restaurants, Crosstown is the place to be!


Since it is powered by commerce and entertainment, Downtown is a great option for anyone looking for a job. The main staple of this neighborhood is Beale Street, a 2-mile street that runs from the Mississippi River to East Street and is home to iconic bars, restaurants, cultural institutions, and job opportunities. Similarly, it has a great housing market, but even with all the things to consider when setting up a home office, this is probably the place to do it. There are many great apartments for a reasonable price with space for a home office!

Street in Memphis
Crosstown’s connection to two highways makes it great for expats!


Midtown is one of the outstanding neighborhoods in Memphis for Australian expats but also singles and young professionals. This neighborhood is handy for students and teachers at the University of Memphis, healthcare professionals working in the city’s Medical District, and people who need to travel Downtown for employment due to its central location in Bluff City. And, with a decent mix of single-family houses for sale and apartments for rent in the area, it’s simple for new residents to locate cheap housing alternatives in Midtown.


This Memphis suburb is a favorite choice for families because of its large houses with large yards, the well-regarded Bartlett City School District, and the plethora of local family-friendly activities. Do you want to spend more time outside with your kids? There are several parks and open spaces in Bartlett that are great for family adventures such as bike rides, hikes, and picnics. Furthermore, famous firms such as Saint Francis Hospital, First South Financial, and Titan Medical may be found in this Memphis area, implying that numerous professional opportunities are close. If you must visit downtown Memphis, it is only a 20-minute drive away.


Despite its greater expense, Germantown is one of Memphis’s safest communities for raising a family. This upscale area is well-known for its large homes, award-winning schools, and numerous family-friendly amenities. Many parents in this area prefer Germantown Municipal School District, which has achieved the highest ACT results in Tennessee for five years in a row. This family-friendly community is also about 30 minutes from downtown Memphis.

Modern house with a pool
Germantown has a lot of big houses and is one of the perfect neighborhoods in Memphis for Australian expats!

Moving to Memphis

If you decide to move to one of these amazing areas in Memphis for Australian expats, you will need to do some research. Moreover, we suggest that you hire professional help, a moving company like will go a long way with your move. Professional movers will help you with all of the steps required for a successful move. If you decide on getting packing help, you won’t have to worry about anything regarding the move. On the other hand, if you want to DIY a part of your move, you should spend some time reading guides on proper packing. If you pack properly, you will have an easier time both moving and unpacking. If you do part properly, you will be in your new place in Memphis in no time!

Final thoughts

Now that you know the top neighborhoods in Memphis for Australian expats, you can make an educated decision if which one is the best for you. If you find any other neighborhood that you like, go for it! After all, we chose the best neighborhoods, but that doesn’t mean that other neighborhoods are bad. You might find other neighborhoods that fit you better, and that is great, it is just important to do research. That being said, we wish you a great move and an even better time in Memphis!

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