What are the types of moving estimates

It maybe seems that moving estimates appears in only one shape, but it is not so simple. There are situations when a moving company offers more than one option in this case. There are a few of them that are common in the moving industry. We will help you learn how to make a difference between them.

What are the options?

There are three options when it comes to types of moving estimates:

  • Firstly, the company could offer you a fixed price of the moving, no matter how much weight you will have,
  • You can set the maximum of the cost, and avoid paying too much;
  • There is a chance that the company could offer you a contract where they have not defined the price, but they have said how they will estimate the final cost at the end.
moving estimates - stacked coins
Saving money is easy if you choose the most favorable option

Moving estimates when the company offers a guaranteed price

It is the easiest and undoubtedly the most favorable option for moving. You will know the final cost and possible variations of it. Unfortunately, it means that you can pay much higher than your bill is. It could happen when the weight of your load is lower than expected.

Binding estimate

It is the most common option when a company defines the price. Many commercial movers use this option for their clients. They will offer you a fixed rate according to the distance or weight. The trouble is that you cannot change that price at the end. It means that you could have a lower weight than they have estimated. On the other hand, this option protects you from additional costs and scams.

Non-to-exceed estimate

It usually comes as an addition to a binding estimate. It defines the maximum of the price that you can pay. So, on the one hand, you have a fixed rate. On the other, you will know the highest amount that you will pay. It usually uses long-distance movers when it is hard to calculate final costs precisely. This option protects both you and the moving company. However, it still does not mean that you will pay much less than you expect.

Moving estimates when the company do not fix the final price

It seems like a scam or possible trouble when moving. However, it could be a much more favorable option for you. The company could change the final bill according to the amount of job. Do not worry about extra costs, though. Many companies define the highest price, so you can be sure that they will not charge too much.

insurance sheet
A moving company will precisely estimate your costs after the moving

Non-binding estimate

Although this is not that common in moving companies, you can have this type of evaluation, too. The company estimates the final price, but not as a fixed price. It means that the company will say the ultimate price when they finish moving. However, the price must not go over 10% of the estimated quotation. In some cases, the company could use shuttle vehicles to transport load from truck to the final destination. They cost more, so they will add 15% on the final cost. You will not pay much more than in the previous two types of moving estimates.

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