What to consider when setting up a home office

In the right of recent events with this pandemic, working from home has become “a new normal”. Both employers and employees have realized how many benefits working from home actually has. Starting from the fact that you do not have to commute to work, to the fact where every day can be casual Friday when it comes to outfits. However, even though you are working from home, we highly suggest you set up a home office. Even though you are working from home you still need to have adequate space and equipment. Here’s a guide to help you out when setting up a home office!

Setting up a home office checklist

Here’s a checklist for setting up a home office:

  • Choose a room or part of the room to set up your equipment
  • Choose and set up working station
  • Transport of the electronics
  • Decorate and make it comfortable
  • Keep it clean and organized
A desk by the window in a home office
Setting up a home office and a workstation is very important in order for you to do your work better and be productive.

Choosing a room for your home office

If you are lucky enough to have a whole room you can transform into a home office, this is great! However, in case you are not, a part of your room will work too. The most important part about this step is that you have privacy and a calm environment you can work in. Sometimes your job will require you to attend meetings or concentrate. This is why having privacy and a quiet place is of utmost importance.

Setting up a workstation

This one is also very important. Assuming you spend around 8 hours a day working, you need an adequate workstation. This means you should carefully choose your desk, chair, monitor, and everything else that follows. People usually save on these items but when you think about it, it is really important. You’ll spend 8+ hours at this table, in that same chair, looking at the monitor. You might as well make the most of it and invest in a good one.


Make sure your desk has the appropriate size. You need to fit your computer and possibly a monitor. You also might need some space to write down and take notes. Make sure the desk has a drawer or two so you can store important documents. In case it doesn’t, you can always use boxes or plastic bins.

A desk after setiing up a home office
You need a good quality desk and chair, as this home office is a place you’ll be spending a lot of hours.


Take into reconsideration the fact that you spend a lot of time sitting when you work. This is why you should invest in a really good chair. An ergonomic chair may be a perfect choice as these chairs are made to fit and support your body. You can also get a leg rest which might be useful if your chair is too high so you can set your position better and be more comfortable.


Again, assuming you spend a lot of hours working, you should take care of your eyesight and get the best monitor possible. Make sure you can fit it in your workstation. Also, make sure to get all of the following cables you might need to connect it with your devices such as HDMI to HDMI cable, the power cable, etc.


Depending on the size of the room and the position of a workstation, you should pay attention to lightning. If you have enough natural light that’s perfect. In case you don’t, a small lamp or some of the LED lights might do a trick in creating perfect and comfortable lighting. In case you have a lamp, we still suggest taking an LED lightning bulb as this one will save more energy and its light quality is much better. When it comes to color, yellow light has shown better results when it comes to productivity.

Transport of the electronics

After successfully setting up your workstation, the next step is to transport and set up the electronics. Since hardware demands special care you should plan this ahead and do it properly. Make sure your electronics are packed properly as they need to be handled carefully. In case you don’t have time to organize and transport them, you can always hire professionals to help you out. They will handle this task with ease.

Setting up electronics

Now that you have your electronic devices all delivered, it’s time to set them up. First, make sure to clean your table and make space for your devices. After setting devices, carefully connect them and make sure to check if everything is working. Get extension cords if necessary or if you need multiple outlets. In case you end up having too many cables, you can always get one of the “cable management” solutions. You can tie them up or simply hide them behind your desk.

computers on the desk
Setting up your electronic devices should be handled carefully.

Maintenance of electronic devices

It’s not necessary to point out that every device needs maintenance. Here are some of the advice you can use to keep your devices safe.

  • Shut down your computer and monitor after you finish work – this will save energy and give devices the opportunity to “rest”
  • Get a cooler for your laptop – in case your laptop heats up often, you should get a cooler to keep it in check
  • Keep your data safe and make copy/backup – make sure to check with your IT department or by yourself (depending on the nature of your work) that your data is safe. Don’t skip software updates or anything else necessary for your computer to work smoothly. Also, make sure to have a backup or copy of everything in case something happens.

Decorate your home office and make it comfortable

We often neglect how important our work environment is. That’s because we usually get emerged in work and don’t pay attention to anything else. However, a lot of studies proved that a work environment can improve productivity. Therefore, you should also make some time and ideas on how to decorate your home office.

Make your home office personal and functional

Since this is your home office, you might as well make it personal but still leave it functional. You can put some of the photos of your friends or pets. You can also print out some of the quotes that motivate you and keep them nearby. Another good piece of advice we can offer is to get a pinboard. You can use it to pin everything important, as well as your to-do list. If you decorate your home office to your liking, you will feel more comfortable and be even more productive.

pinboard by the desk
Make sure to decorate your office so it has a personal touch – it’s your home office after all!

Get some plants

Plants are very good for decoration. Besides that, they’re also really good at cleaning the air, reducing stress, and increasing productivity. Any closed space becomes better when natural elements are involved. Plants will also help you relax and give your home office a fresh look.

Keep your home office clean and organized

Now that you are done setting up your home office, you should also make sure to keep it clean and organized. Cleaning once a week should be enough if it’s a workstation and twice if you have an entire room. Adding additional shelves and cabinets will be useful for extra storage. This way you can keep your documents organized and keep extra space on your desk. You can also get folders and binders for the more detailed organization of your documents. This will save you both time and energy if you have to browse through documents in order to find a specific one. Make sure to water your plants and take care of them.

Hire professional assistance

In case you are lucky and already have all of the above items and just need to transport them to your place, we highly suggest hiring professional assistance. If you decide to do so, you can browse verifiedmovers.com and find a lot of reliable companies to choose from. These people will handle your items with care so you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You are all set

Like we already mentioned, working from home has a lot of benefits but you still need to have an adequate environment. If you follow this guide, we are sure you’ll be able to set up a perfect home office. This is a very important task and should not be taken easily. Like we’ve already mentioned, this place is where you’ll be spending a lot of your time. This is exactly why you should make it comfortable and to your liking. It will also help you be more productive and even creative. So allow yourself to look at this project as an important investment that will most definitely pay of later on.

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