What you need to know about shipping your luxury car to Australia

Sometimes when we relocate, we want to take most of our belongings with us as well. While this is very possible, shipping things internationally does require a little more research. Due to the variations in rules, laws, and regulations when it comes to different countries, it’s important to know the shipping requirements. Therefore, before you start packing and moving, let’s review what you need to know about shipping your luxury car to Australia.

International Shipping

One of the first aspects of international shipping is to check with your local couriers and get more information. Getting estimates from various companies will give you an idea of how much shipping your luxury car might cost you.

From express to standard shipping, you can look into a variety of delivery options while ensuring it works with the importing regulations in Australia. Therefore, having all these costs of special services calculated in advance can be available prior to the process.

Shipping Your Luxury Car to Australia

When it comes to shipping your luxury car to Australia, there are important elements to consider within this process. Since this is a multistep process, these important steps include vehicle import approval, proof of residence, vehicle standards, customs duty, goods and services tax, luxury car tax, Australian quarantine clearance, etc.

The interior of an oldtimer you need to take a good care of when shipping your luxury car to Australia.
In order to start the shipping process, ensure to have all the necessary documentation.


The Vehicle Import Approval is very important. It will provide you with the required import permit, enabling you to take your luxury car from customs.

Proof of residence is only necessary if you are not a citizen of Australia or do not possess a permanent residence visa.

Meanwhile, vehicle standards must adhere to the ones in Australia. In order to be able to ship your luxury car, it must be registered as a right-hand drive.

Last but not least, in order to figure out the taxes that come with shipping your luxury car to Australia, it’s important to do some research. In addition, you can also get estimates on how much these taxes might be with your shipping company. Los Angeles Transfer and Storage can provide you with rough percentages, and you can have an estimation of the total cost.

A red cabriolet car.
Ensure to check all Australian laws and regulations before shipping your car.

Prep Your Car

Before your vehicle is released to you, it has to pass the quarantine clearance. The Australian customs will inspect the car for any contamination. You are responsible to pay any fees and taxes in case they find the luxury vehicle contaminated. Therefore, shipping your luxury car to Australia will also require you to ensure everything is intact before you pass it off to the shipping company. Empty the car of any excess items in there, and ship it with an empty tank. This will affect the overall weight of the shipment, which also affects the price.


Shipping your luxury car to Australia is possible. However, there is a lot of planning and preparation. It’s really important to be aware of all the steps you must go through and all the documents you must provide. Once you gather everything, it’s all about following the Australian guidelines and finally getting your vehicle delivered to your new home.

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