Why is Florida the best US state for newcomers from Australia

Australians who move to the US quite often relocate to Florida. And that is not a coincidence. People from all over the world move to Florida, as it is one of the most recognizable US states. Florida is one of the richest states in the US, with beautiful weather and beaches, and it has a lot of other things to offer. However, it seems that Australians especially love moving to Florida. Last time we have explored why people from Florida move to Australia, and today, we are going to explore the opposite. Why should Australians move to Florida, why is Florida the best US state for newcomers from Australia and why do Australians move in large numbers to The Sunshine State?

The weather is similar to Australia’s

One of the most obvious reasons why Australians love moving to Florida is the weather. The weather in Florida is not that much different than the weather in Australia. By moving to Florida from Australia you will not feel that much of a difference, and it will be easy for you to adapt to the environment.

palm trees in Florida
Why is Florida the best US state for Australians? It is easy for Australians to adapt to the climate in Florida.

The eastern coast of Australia has so much in common when it comes to weather to Florida’s, that sometimes it can seem like you haven’t moved at all. Both places have some stunning places to take a swim, and their atmosphere is not that different.

Florida is quite rich

There are many reasons why Florida is considered a rich US state. The average income in Florida is higher than the national average, and people here live more comfortably than in most of the US. When you come to Florida, you can feel like you are on an endless vacation, and our friends from Pro Movers Miami say that this is one of the main reasons why they have more and more clients moving to The Sunshine State.

The Sunshine State is simply pretty

Why is Florida the best US state? It is as simple as that – Florida is stunning! The nature in Florida is very unique and pretty. Cities are well maintained, and in most places, homes are beautiful too. As a tourist state, Florida has to be pretty, otherwise, no one would come.

Miami skyline
Miami is a rare example of a huge city that is beautiful in every corner.

Miami is an example of a huge city that is pretty. It is hard for local governments to maintain both the functionality and attractiveness of a city, but Miami is an exception! It is no wonder why Miami is most popular with ex-pats. Wherever you go you can find beauty, and no, we are not thinking that in a college-artistic sense. Miami is truly beautiful.

And if you want to change your location in Florida, you can rely on experts in the area. Local movers can help you move from one part of Florida to another, move your heavy items, and relocate you from one part of the city to another without any problems.

The conclusion

Everyone has their own reasons why they’re moving to Florida:

  • The weather is similar to Australia’s. It is not hard to adapt to the climate once you move. All you have to do is quickly explore the new city online and you’re ready to go!
  • Florida is quite wealthy, and its residents are too. People from Florida are on average among the wealthiest in the US.
  • Why is Florida the best US state? It is stunningly beautiful.

Here, we have explored some of the most common reasons why Australians and people from other countries find Florida attractive. You probably have your reasons, as many other people do. Either way, we hope you’ll enjoy moving to The Sunshine State.

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